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Shooty Ship!

Go back to the future in this new retro arcade game. Attack the space outpost on Saturn's moon Titan. But beware it is heavily protected by flying saucers, tracking drones, guard towers, missile launchers and ghost ships.

You can play in Arcade Mode and go for the highest score or fly missions and earn military rankings. Either way you can get your frustrations out by blasting away space aliens.

Try to get the highest score in Arcade Mode and climb the Game Center leader boards. You can also earn your military rankings as achievements in Game Center.

There are also plenty of power ups to help you along the way. You can earn shields that will protect you from alien fire and triple laser fire to help you blow away those pesky aliens faster.

Great retro sound effects too! Annoy your friends and parents with aliens buzzing and lots of explosions!!

WARNING: This game is extremely addictive and best of all its FREE!!

So why not try it now and start blasting those aliens.

Get a peek on how you can start blasting aliens in this short video

Screen Shots

Two Flying Saucers attacking

Shields up! Defending against Defense Tower, Ghost Ship and Flying Saucer.

Missile Launcher and Floater brought in as reinforcements to get you!

So far so good. Destroying lots of enemies!!

Looks like they are no match for you!!

You have made the rank of Lieutenant! Conratulations!!


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