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Shooty Ship!

Go back to the future in this new retro arcade game. Attack the space outpost on Saturn's moon Titan. But beware it is heavily protected by flying saucers, tracking drones, guard towers, missile launchers and ghost ships.

Download the app here or find out more here.

Shooty Ship!

Available on the App Store

Lens Game - What is your Philosophy of Life

The idea for Q54Club began in 2005 when we began wondering what you need to know that is not taught in school. It took us seven years and hundreds of interviews to realize what should have been obvious all along:

Schools do not teach the things you really need to know.
Schools do not even have you ask the right questions.
So we composed 54 questions that fit perfectly on a deck of cards. Everyone who saw a deck wanted one and soon everyone was clamoring for a place on the web where they could explore these questions and hopefully meet other people who are doing the same.

Now there is a mobile app version of our deck where you can answer these all important questions and share them with your friends and the world.

The questions solve the problem of not knowing what are the important questions, and that is 70% of the battle. But questions without answers are not good enough. You will benefit the most if you actually answer these questions, preferably in writing.

If you are in school then there is a good chance you will have a hard time transitioning to life. This is because school teaches you only how to do school, not how to do life. These 54 questions are about life. Answer them while you are still in school. Ask your parents and teachers for help.

If you are unemployed then consider this: If two people are the same in all other respects except that one has great answers to all these questions and the other does not, then which one would you hire? If you are unemployed and not in school then you finally have the time you need to address these really important questions. Hooray – now get to it.

If you are not the person you want to be then these questions will help you develop a robust philosophy of life that will guide your thoughts and actions. If you do not see the benefit of knowing the answers to these questions then find someone who does and ask them if it is worth knowing.

Philosophy of Life

Available on the App Store

Driver's Ed App

This app was designed by the Curriculum Coordinator for Broward County, the 6th largest school district in the country. The app is created for Driver's Ed programs that can be customized easily for their particular needs. The app is database driven so that all links, data and text can be changed at any time and the data pushed to users' devices. The app delivers information such as curriculum, driving laws and study guides to prospective parents and students.

Broward Schools Driver's Ed AppAvailable on the App Store

Contact Reports

An Enterprise App developed for the iPhone and iPad to track field auditing at America's largest car dealership with over 200 stores nationwide. This app retrieves live data via the internet and displays scores and statistics for various areas of the dealership review process. Executive management has found this to be an invaluable tool that they cannot live without.

Flirt With Me - Spanish

Flirt With Me Spanish is the first IPhone App developed by ElmerApps. It is a fun way to learn sexy things to say to latin girls. Spice things up in your bedroom or keep her interested in a long distance relationship.

Like Latina girls? Already have one? Would you like to talk sexy to them? Here is the app for you.
Pick a girl from our list to talk to. Use your fingers to pick out body parts that you would like to do sexy things with. She will ask you questions on what you want to do with her, what do you think about her and how bad you would like to do things to her. Answer her questions and you will end up with a sexy Spanish phrase that you can say to her or any Latina you like.

Multiple girls to choose from
Choose the regional form of Spanish desired. (Different regions use different dirty words)
Sexy sound effects
Hundreds of phrase combinations possible
Integrated with facebook so that you can brag to all your friends that you can speak flirt in Spanish

9 Ball Pocket Coach

iTunes App Store

The most revolutionary training tool to ever hit the market for 9 Ball. The Pocket Coach corrects common mistakes at the pool table. This App teaches you when to play offense and when to play defense based on table conditions that the user enters. The Pocket Coach improves your decision making process enabling you to play the optimal game and to beat your opponents.

The Pocket Coach is the brain child of Joann Mason Parker, Former US Open 9 Ball Champion and her coach Harvey Mason. Together they have over 60 years of 9 ball experience and this is all translated into the Pocket Coach.

With the Pocket Coach comes access to the website which has many tips on the game as well as video lessons. If you are a league player this is a must buy to improve your game.

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